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Welcome to Nepean Valley Pure Water

Nepean Valley Pure Water Penrith has been supplying purified drinking water for over 10 years to local businesses and families.

We pride ourselves on producing the purest water possible and delivering the best customer service.

This has ensured our success for over 20 years.

Purified bottled water is purer than spring and filtered tap water. Our water has been purified using the reverse osmosis process and has been tested by an independent lab.

The process of reverse osmosis is where water is cleaned by forcing water through a semi-permeable membrane.

This process will only allow the water to be pass through and clear of contaminants.


Nepean Valley Pure Water is proud to be a member of the following groups

The Team at Nepean Valley Pure Water

Why Drink Nepean Valley Pure Water?

Nepean Valley Pure Water is perfectly PH Balanced water tastes better than acidic mineralised waters and it is safer and better for your long run health...

At Nepean Valley Pure Water we provide a wide range affordable Purified water products, stylish coolers and accessories that will be conveniently delivered to the your home or office.

These have been designed to meet the variant needs, environments and budgets for all types of customers.

The costs associated in our product per 600 ML of water is only $0.40, this is compared to an average cost of $2.50 per 600ML bottled water, not mentioning the environmental effects of plastic bottles ending up in our water ways and parks.

Nepean Valley Pure Water Emu Plains also supply Water Coolers, Water Dispensers and Bottled Water